Corporate values and approaches

To contribute for sustainable business development of Belarusian companies and organizations, effective attraction of foreign investment in the country following the principles of social fairness to society, staff, and government.
Focus on client and long-term relations
We focus on our clients' interests and maximally involve them in work at all stages of the services providing. Our main goal is to achieve results, and not to advise "for the process." The form of payment binds us to achieve a practical result. Our success depends on the success of our clients.
High-quality and large experience
The most extensive consulting experience in Belarus. Our senior bankers lead and manage each task from start to finish. We combine local expertise with a global scale through cooperation with leading investment banks, industry experts and IFIs
Independent advising and reliability for the client
We value our reputation as an independent financial and investment consultant, which requires us to unconditionally apply the principles of confidentiality, loyalty, information security, customer protection, as well as commitment to national interests, social, cultural and environmental development. Reputation for us is an integral part of the whole process of interaction with the client, cooperation with partners and team work.
Innovation and development of the most effective solutions
We constantly monitor the trends in the professional industry and introduce advanced approaches in our business activities, and find new non-standard solutions. The experience of UNITER includes many of the most complex or qualitatively new deals in Belarus.
Сlient loyalty at 100% and additional services for regular clients.
We know that long-term relationships depend on the quality of our dervices.
More than 80% of UNITER clients come back to us.