Online forum “Great Stone – Great Opportunities for Business”

18 June 2020
On 18th June 2020, Great Stone Industrial Park will host an online forum titled, “Great Stone – Great Opportunities for Business”.

Representatives from international and regional organizations, chambers of commerce, industrial and business associations and their members will participate in the event. 

Roman Osipov has participated in webinar as a speaker with Promising industries and sectors for investment and opportunities for raising finance in Belarus.

Below, you can find our information materials for this webinar and key messages of the speach.
Belarusian resources and competitive advantages
  • High qualified labour force. Evidence: progress of IT and Business process outsourcing sector development after liberalization of regulations. Exports growth rate >20%, sector size >1,5 bn USD.
  • Forest resources, Agriculture, Transit potential, Wild nature and polluted areas
  • Well-maintained but underutilized industrial, storage, administrative infrastructure of state-owned enterprises
  • Poor-performing state-owned enterprises with potential for significant increase of efficiency through privatization, trade and export development
Priority sectors for development of private business stemming from competitive advantages
  • Forestry and wood processing
  • Agriculture
  • Transit and transport
  • Wild nature and ecology (Chernobyl area)
  • Potassium and other fertilizers, peat
  • Integration of IT solutions into other industries
  • Exports of medical services
  • Distance education services
  • Engineering services
  • Innovative companies (optics, materials, lasers, etc.)
  • Allocation of production facilities of European companies in eastern countries
  • Involvement of inefficiently used assets into the economy
Financing opportunities
  • Commercial banks financing
  • Receipt of loan financing from IFIs directly
  • Receipt of equity financing from IFIs
  • Receipt of equity financing from PE funds
  • Issuance of bonds on the Belarusian public capital market 
  • Joint ventures with local players
  • Public investment / grant instruments 
  • Specialized international financing providers
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