31 May 2011
The results of cement market over 1Q 2011 are available

Belarus’ cement output increased 0.6% yoy over 1Q 2011 to 922,3 thou tons. Compared to 1Q 2009, it grew by 6,5% or for 56,6 thou tons. Cement reserves on the 1st of April of 2011 amounted to 77,7 thou t, or 25,3% of average monthly output...

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23 May 2011
UNITER Investment Company organizes the seminar "Practical opportunities for foreign investments attracting into open joint stock companies" on 27th of May

For the first time in Belarus the seminar for open joint stock companies to be privatized in 2011-2013 is taken place. The event is organized by UNITER Investment Company and the Ministry of Economy.

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19 May 2011
Latest data on Belarusian insurance market

UNITER Investment company has prepared a regular analytical review, which focuses on the insurance market.

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12 April 2011
Director of UNITER Investment Company met with Prime Minister of Belarus and discussed the issues concerning the investment attracting

Prime Minister of Belarus Mr. Mikhail Myasnikovich met with the heads of leading Belarusian consulting companies on 9th of April 2011.

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8 April 2011
Economic Environment in Belarus. Opportunities and threats for business. Forecast for 2011

Economic Environment in Belarus. Opportunities and threats for business. Forecas for 201 - such name has the annual seminar organized by the IPM Business School in conjunction with the IPM Research Center and UNITER Investment Company. The seminar wi...

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28 March 2011
Investment environment in Belarus: opportunities and risks

On 31 December 2010 the President of the Republic of Belarus signed the long-awaited Directive on the Development of Entrepreneurial Initiative and Promotion of Business Activity in the Republic of Belarus. It is expected that this law change will ha...

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18 February 2011
The latest Industry Market Insides from the specialists of UNITER Investment Company

The team of analysts of UNITER Investment Company has  began to prepare the reviews of the most interesting sectors of the economy such as food processing, machine-building, construction materials, real estate, pharmaceuticals, banking, ins...

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17 November 2010
Belarus Investment Forum is opened today in Frankfurt am Main

The forum is a large-scale event. There was thorough and serious preparation to it.  To Frankfurt came government officials, directors and top - managers of companies to discuss investment opportunities of Belarus.

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29 October 2010
The event for Stakeholders in Russia & CIS Hotel Investment

Regional Hotel Investment Conference (RHIC), an extremely important event providing an outstanding  platform for people to do business in this emerging region,  was held on 25-27 October 2010 at Renaissance Moscow Monarch ...

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28 October 2010
Investment Environment

An overview of investment activity in Belarus provided by UNITER Investment Company

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16 August 2010
Warsaw Stock Exchange is well recognized by the authorities of the Republic of Belarus

Annual NewConnect Convention took place this year in Wroclaw on 30th July. What is the NewConnect Convention?

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2 July 2010
What measures Belarus should take in order to enter the World Trade Organization?

The era of the medieval natural economy and local markets sank into oblivion. The economy becomes global.

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