Research and analytics

The success of a business and a project directly depends on the availability of timely and relevant information on how the market is developing and where it is going. For over 15 years, UNITER Investment company has been preparing market research of industries and markets both in the Republic of Belarus and in neighboring countries.
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Constant monitoring of 30 key industries and markets in Belarus allows us to follow the latest changes in them and help our clients remain competitive by tracking the latest changes in the markets of their interest. The depth and scope of our research helps clients make valid investment and strategic business development decisions.
UNITER Investment Company has prepared market research on projects funded by international organizations, including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Taking into account the limited availability of data on the Republic of Belarus in international information databases, foreign companies choose UNITER Investment Company as a reliable source of data on the development of the Belarusian market.
market researches
during last 15 years
more than 40

different industries and markets

Approaches of service providing
In-depth studies of the markets (products, services) according to the methodology developed individually for each client
Industry Briefs reflecting key changes in selected industries / markets
Coverage analysis of neighboring countries markets, the valuation of export prospects
Benchmark analysis for identification trends of markets development

Advantageous for clients
Experience in the preparation of researches for over 15 years. Wide global network of partners and experts in various industries.
Full coverage of industries and markets - more than 40 industries and markets in Belarus.
Access to international information databases. Completeness of the use of local Belarusian information databases.
Individual approach and development of research methodology for each client depending on its tasks.

Services and tasks
  • Periodic industry brief overviews of industries and markets.
  • In-depth market research of markets and industries in Belarus and abroad.
  • Providing of recommendations on development strategy of companies in specific markets.
  • Benchmark analysis of markets, competitors, products (neighboring countries and other), field research Preparing competitors profile.
You can get advisory from:
Elena Minich
The Head of analytics and market research dept.

Key transactions and projects
Research for the World Bank Group: benchmark of the largest state-owned enterprises in Belarus, analysis of the private sector role by industry.
Research for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Evaluation of State Entrepreneurship Support Policy.
Research for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: analysis of forestry and  woodprocessing industry, banking sector, small business, etc.
Various studies of building materials markets (for clients - Granit, CRH, Heidelberg Cement, Knauf, etc.).
A number of studies for the joint company for the development of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park “Great Stone”, including the preparation of information teasers for the development of promising projects within the Industrial Park.
A number of researches in the woodworking industry for various clients, including large global companies.
A number of researches in the pharmaceutical industry for various clients.
Monitoring of the hotel real estate market, recreational and other related services for the management company of the Marriott hotel in Minsk.
Monitoring of the hotel real estate market, recreational and other related services for the management company of the Marriott hotel in Minsk.