Agriculture is one of the essential centers of attention of the state economic policy in Belarus. State investments and financial support volumes into the sector over the past years have reached more than USD 3 bn per year. Therefore, some significant foundation and infrastructure have been created for future developments of the sector. As a result, stated above results in high attractiveness of the sector to investors.

On the other hand, there is a growing concern on issues of providing food safety, both at the level of countries and entire regions. Therefore, from our perspective, global investments in agriculture are to continue to grow, including state and half-state investment funds. Already these days there are large projects in agricultural sector of Belarus that are implemented with foreign capital participation.

The team of UNITER Investment company has extensive experience of investments attraction and support of investment projects in agriculture and processing, including those implemented with participation of international investors and development banks. We believe this sector is one of the most promising ones and thus we pay great attention to the development of services in this direction.