Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)

Telecommunication Media and Technology sector is one of the most dynamically developing industries in Belarus. This sector is the most integrated into the global economy among all Belarusian industries.

There are two historically fundamental directions of TMT in Belarus – software development and advanced industrial production based on unique developments. The reason behind it is a solid educational basis on these directions that were formed back in USSR times when Belarus was one of the centers of civil and military technologies development. The main personnel training centers have been maintained since then, whereas some developments have been commercialized.

Over the past years international investors have dramatically increased their attention to Belarusian TMT segment. Moreover, a number of Belarusian companies have acquired businesses and assets abroad that is characterized by overall internalization of the companies of TMT sector. Venture capital investors and funds, as well as strategic investors are interested in the sector. Therefore, considering above stated, we are happy to provide our expertise and experience in M&A deals and fund raising to Belarusian companies. Besides, we are able to advice on business acquisition abroad due to our wide network of partners in different regions of the world that includes large investment banks.