UNITER Investment company is launching to visualize of industries and markets in Belarus

1 March 2017

Since February 2017 UNITER Investment company is launching a new analytical product - "Visualization of industries and markets of Belarus", which is aimed at foreign audiences and the business community of Belarus.

Our team experts have gathered information about facilities from the official websites of hotels, through constant monitoring of media resources, used the data of official statistics (National Statistical Committee); have analysed the incoming data (based on the company’s many years' experience as a financial and investment advisor). Then we have visualized the location of the hotel, room stock structure, room stock dynamics, the hotel industry structure and some other indicators for easy understanding by businessmen and investors.

Thus you can solve your tasks on your own using Tableau tool.

Our company aims to create an open environment for the business community and investors, and improving the investment attractiveness of Belarus.

This week we are opening access to the visualization of the hotel real estate industry in Minsk. It is planned to visualize other markets and industries of Belarus in the future.

Since 2002 UNITER Investment company has been providing such services as fund raising, investor support, M&A advisory, project management and marketing research and analysis.

Visualization "Hotel Industry" can be find in the section "Industries - Real Estate and Retail" or via direct link.